One thing is certain – "The only constant is change"

Your business has, is, and will continue to experience change. On top of everything else you have to achieve, you need to steer the change successfully. We will help you achieve successful and lasting change.

The Tipping Point is the point at which change has a momentum of its own. It’s the point in organisations when the change is now inevitable. It’s like pushing a rock to the top of a hill and it starts to roll down the other side with its own momentum and with increasing speed.

Individuals react differently during change. By understanding ours and others reaction to change it can help us understand what is the best way forward for successful change. This individual change questionnaire is simple yet informative.

The Tipping Point approach to change has at last given us research based learning about change that really works. Our groundbreaking programmes enable people to develop their change skills and knowledge in a practical and enjoyable way.

How do you know if your change is succeeding? It is often too late to look back and then decide it wasn’t working. We have a unique electronic tool COMeT - Change in Organisations MEasurement Tool. This allows you to measure your change and adjust your actions accordingly.