The first step towards change is awareness.

We have developed an online based change measurement tool that we call “COMeT” (Change in Organisations Measurement Tool) that when combined with effective consultancy services to help you interpret the data will give you insights and answers to some of the following questions:

  • Do your people understand the change?
  • Do they support the change?
  • Are your management team leading the change effectively? If not where should they focus their effort?
  • Are people talking about the change and what are they saying?

How does COMeT work?

An automated questionnaire is sent out across people involved in the change. Your employees log in to our confidential on-line site and complete the questions, the data that we gather is both quantative and qualitative which allows us to get a complete picture of how changes are progressing throughout your department or organisation.

What questions do we ask?

The questions are tailored to fit your specific organisation and change process and determine the level of understanding and support for your change. We then administer a series of follow up questionnaires that allow you to track changes over time. The results are compiled into a Change Management Report summarising the responses to each question and providing recommendations to bring about improvements.

What do we do with the Change Management Report?

The data from the questionnaires is represented graphically on our change measurement dashboard, allowing direct comparison over time, comments made by respondees are included in the report.

Recommendations are made by our consultants based on the results and these act as a start point for your management team when making decisions. The recommendations will help to identify where bottlenecks may exist across the leadership of the change and suggests what could be done, pinpoint where breakdowns may exist in communications and what can be done to improve the situation.