The key to success is the ability to adapt.

Nearly all organisations have tried to implement a change to improve the way they do business. Whatever the change initiative, based on industry experience, the chances are less than 50/50 that the organisation saw the gains that were expected from it.

The ability of any organisation to change and adapt may be its only sustainable competitive advantage. Despite this, organisations experience resistance
and inertia to important change initiatives. This inertia undermines change implementation and slows business results.

How can the Tipping Point Change programmes help?

Our range of Tipping Point Change programmes help managers and others discover – through new theory and dialogue – how to maximize their effectiveness in implementing change. It is a radically new model of change that ensures an organisational change initiative is both contagious and sustainable. It simulates a positive "word of mouth" epidemic and highlights the interacting factors that motivate people to adopt an organisational change. As a learning tool, it is effective in illustrating the complexities of implementing change and in providing the language needed to understand and create constructive change.

What do our programmes do?

The programmes include an innovative and enjoyable simulation. The Tipping Point computer simulation lets users try their hand at leading change. Using the simulation helps participants think "outside the box" and question the assumptions, beliefs and attitudes that affect their decisions around implementing change. Participants explore innovative strategies in a no risk simulated environment that provides a focus for dialogue around change and helps people learn from each other.

What to expect.

  • A new model to help create commitment to your organisational change.
  • Focused dialogue with colleagues to create a shared vision on implementing a change.
  • Opportunity to experiment with the factors affecting change using an interactive computer simulation.
  • Practical tools to make your organisational change a success.