Every action gets an equal and opposite reaction

All reactions to change can be useful if these reactions are utilised well.

Why is it useful to measure human reaction to change?

The Tipping Point gives us a powerful and practical method for understanding reactions to change. Some become advocates for the change, others consider the change and become incubators, some stand back from the change and become apathetics or at times we can even become actively resistant to change. We all have the capacity to react in all of these ways at different times, depending on a whole range of factors, from environment & context to quality of leadership. It is these human reactions to change that have an impact on the productivity of the organisations that we work in.

What is the Change Reaction Questionnaire?

We have developed a unique Change Reaction Questionnaire that uses the principles of the Tipping Point to help individuals and teams identify their natural reaction to change. This questionnaire can be used for individuals or as part of one of our change programmes.

Why is the Change Reaction Questionnaire important?

The questionnaire enables individuals to understand how they react either to change generally or in relation to a specific change. The results are displayed graphically and used to create dialogue about change and how to work with it effectively. Understanding your peoples natural reaction to change will enable you to develop a strategy which engages people by acknowledging their starting point; we believe that this approach dramatically increases the likelihood of successful implementation of change.